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On the Phone

How It All Started

What began as a simple job as a stock boy in a retail store, blossomed into a passion for building relationships and a deep understanding of consumer brands. Ikey Sabbagh has spent decades evolving and pushing the world of commerce forward. With experience in both sales and manufacturing, Ikey has been able to build a successful distribution model.

This model uses technology to solve for areas of commerce that lacked protection, transparency, convenience , and innovation. Ikey created the CLS Brands application with the goal of creating an end-to end solution for the distribution market.  

About Us

CLS Brands is a global company with multiple services and solutions. Established in 2015, CLS Brands has quickly grown to be a force in the world of distribution. At our core we are a distributor for consumer brands across several categories: small kitchen appliances electronics, sporting goods, smart Home and much more. Over the years CLS Brands has evolved from just an online distributor to include a solution for over stock & EOL opportunities to both in store and online retail markets in the USA, EU, UK, Latin America, and Canada.

We at CLS Brands pride ourselves as a trusted fulfillment house that cares for our partners.

By allying with Salesforce in 2020, we created an application to simplify the process of selling and creating brand exposure. With over 200 online retail partners and global fulfillment partners, CLS Brands has built a monumental solution for all brands and retailers.
Our application allows brands the ability to control their products, orders, provide customer service, marketing and most importantly pricing globally. It’s simple and easy.

Contact us today to see how we can add value to your business.


Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide a next-level application that grants brands the ability to build global revenue streams with transparency, analytics, and collaborative solutions to brands around the world.

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